Welcome Message

Korea International Freight Forwarders Association (KIFFA)
Republic of Korea

Dear colleagues of FIATA and Freight Forwarding members from all over the world,

Logistics Industry has achieved the global trades beyond barriers of time and space enabling people to consume contemporarily manufactured products in worldwide. FIATA World Congress establishes international standards in logistics which lead to innovation and growth for international transportation and promote collaborative exchanges of technical information among the forwarders.

Korea International Freight Forwarders Association (KIFFA) is hosting the meaningful event in 2020 in Busan, the city of leading port & logistics in Republic of Korea. Busan is an ideal location which is placed in the center of Northeast Asia. It has been uniquely qualified to play an important role in the worldwide network not only in Northeast Asia, but also Americas, Europe and all around the world.

KIFFA is highly motivated to clinch an epoch-making revolution in the international freight forwarding industry and to generate the best routes with the most reasonable rates in the upcoming future. KIFFA hosted FIATA World Congress in 1995 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

We believed the participants had shared their professional experiences and memorable moments back in the days in Seoul. It is the time to recall the tremendous opportunity exchanging relevant information and practices and building up a solid connection along with all the participants in Busan.

We would welcome all of you to FIATA World Congress 2020 in Busan, Republic of Korea.

With Best Regards,

Kim, Byung-Jin

Honorary Chairman of KIFFA
Chairman of the 2022 FIATA Busan World Congress Organizing Committee