Invitation Message

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Republic of Korea

Due to a recession of recent global economy, international trade volume has significantly decreased.

However, the online market for overseas direct purchase(ODP) and reverse ODP is growing rapidly thanks to the advance of cross-border e-commerce. Furthermore, new transport modes and technology such as drones and self-driving trucks have been widely promoted and the international network has been expanded along with the Eurasia transport and logistics network, Panama Canal and Arctic shipping routes. Such changes in the international trade environment requires the freight forwarding industry to adopt new transport modes and design more efficient transport routes.

Republic of Korea is the 9th largest trade nation in the world with a trade volume valued at 1 trillion USD, and Busan port is the 6th largest container port and the 3rd largest transshipment port in the world as it handled 19.45 million TEU of cargo including 9.83 million TEU of transshipment cargo in 2016. Republic of Korea has signed more FTAs with trading countries around the world including the US in 2007 and China in 2015. Based on the FTAs, we have expanded cross border e-commerce and pioneered new markets such as cold chain logistics.

We have actively been involved in the efforts to reduce green house gas emissions and promote eco-friendly logistics, and have been participated in the AIIB to expand the Eurasia transport and logistics network. In addition, we are cooperating with Russia, China and North Europe to open Arctic routes.

Korean government, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Busan Metropolitan City will provide full support and make endeavors to successfully welcome all the participants in FIATA World Congress 2020. I sincerely hope that you understand the strong desire of Korea and give us strong support by actively participating in FIATA World Congress 2020 in Busan.

Sincerely yours,

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Republic of Korea

Recently, global logistics is having turbulent times for a paradigm shift.

Global shipping companies keep on merging and realigning their alliance membership, opening new trade routes including the Arctic Route. Emerging economies of Asia and Africa show rapid rise. As advanced new technologies thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution are integrated into logistics industry, the convergence of logistics and other industries is expected to be further promoted and expanded.

Korea, the 5th largest shipping country, transported 8.5% (a billion metric ton) of the world’s seaborne trade in 2018. In the same year, we handled 29 million TEU container cargo, including 12 million TEU of transshipment cargo.

In particular, the Port of Busan, the largest port in Korea, is the world’s sixth largest port by cargo volume and the second largest transshipment port with advanced port facilities and great cargo handling capacity. Due to geopolitical advantages, the Port of Busan is expected to handle far more cargo in the future.

In 2020, the FIATA World Congress, the largest event in logistics, will be held in Busan, Korea. Under the theme of “Uniting for Global Solutions,” the World Congress will be successfully held and embark on a new chapter of logistics industry only with your active participation.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries will provide the best support for FIATA World Congress.

We look forward to welcoming you next year in Busan.

Sincerely yours,

Moon, Seong-Hyeok

Minister of Oceans and Fisheries
Republic of Korea

Busan Metropolitan City
Republic of Korea

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the members of FIATA for your support of Busan hosting the 2020 FIATA Congress.

Logistics is the core industry of Busan. You can even see it in the vision of Busan, the ‘Northeast Asia Maritime Hub. ’ The main strategy to achieve this vision is to build a complex logistics system (Tri-port) that connects the port, airport, and railways and also to create a hinterland logistics complex of high added value based on the Tri-port.

Busan Port already ranks 6th in container traffic volume and 2nd in transshipment traffic volume. The recent improvements in inter-Korean relations makes it more realistic to connect the railway network from Busan to Europe. Additionally, Busan Metropolitan City is making an effort to build a new airport that operates 24/7.

Busan will utilize its excellent logistics infrastructure and the Korean Peninsula’s geopolitical advantages in order to become the gateway to Eurasia and the hub of global logistics. Members of FIATA, please continue to be attentive to and supportive of Busan’s the brave challenges.

I wish you a very successful congress, and I hope to see you again at the 2020 Busan FIATA Congress.

Sincerely yours,

Park, Heong-joon

Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City
Republic of Korea