FIATA Global Session(16 Sep.)

08:30 - 09:45 KST – New Generations at Work: Attracting, Recruiting, Training and Retaining

Discussion Points

- The current labour market from an academic and theoretical point of view as to observed trends
- The expectations of employees in a changed market as to people and methodology in particular generation Y
- Making the freight forwarding industry a competitive and first choice option for human resource talent by changed strategy

- How to increase access to industry-specific training opportunities with new and enhanced delivery mechanisms particularly through online deliverables?

- New ways of working have now emerged as a result of the pandemic i.e. remote working and increased flexibility. Would these new working ways increase the attractiveness of the business?


Stephen McDermott

FLI, Chair


Céline Hourcade

Managing Director, Change Horizon


Thomas Sim

Senior Vice President, FIATA


Sarojni Choy

Professor, Griffith University

※ This program is subject to change.